Gainshaus Rottweilers

Behaviour - Training - Wellness

The Rottweiler in the right home can be a phenomenal dog; a friend, companion, partner and guardian quite unlike any other. In many cases and in the wrong environment, the Rottweiler can be a menace.

As an incredibly powerful working dog; they need obedience training, physical and psychological stimulation and a clear structure and regime. Whilst with some breeds of dog, one can possibly do minimal training, in the case of the Rottweiler exercise, training and effective behaviour management is essential, not optional.

Everyone has heard of the Rottweiler – their reputation precedes them. On that basis, if you choose to own a dog of this breed, you really must be not only a true enthusiast with a passion for the dog, but willing and able to ensure that your dog is the best behaved and trained within your community.

A breed that can be beset with health issues (mostly negated by health testing and appropriate feeding and care) it is important to research health and bloodlines if one is searching for a puppy.

The purpose of this website is to share our limited experience of the breed (fifteen years of studying, living with and working with a great many Rottweilers) and to share what we have found successful in the physiological and psychological health for not only Rottweilers, but all breeds of dog.

As Canine Behaviour Practitioners and Trainers, we are not veterinarians, but we hope to signpost you to wider reading, viewing and research to enable you to discover the very best way to have a healthy, balanced, well trained, fulfilled and long lived family companion.