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About Us

We do not breed Rottweilers, but have an interest in the behaviour, training, psychology and health of the breed. We are passionate about the true working Rottweiler character and historical context of the breed versus the complex modern day dog that we see which varies greatly in type and temperament. We are also keen on natural health, wellness and longevity in dogs.

All of our own dogs are trained in multiple disciplines including obedience; they have achieved a minimum of the Kennel Club Gold Good Citizen Dog Scheme. We have also titled dogs in Working Trials to CDEx and UD and have various tracking and nose-work qualifications. Our dogs have also completed their temperament assessments (Qualified excellent) with various breed clubs including the British Rottweiler Association, The Rottweiler Club and The Midland Rottweiler Club.

We have also trained and worked with a vast array of behaviourally problematic Rottweilers for over 25 years. View our dogs here.

For our honest opinions and advice about the breed, please Contact Us.