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Canine Wellness

We are passionate about healthy, happy, long-lived family companions whose health span equals their lifespan. Whether starting to train a puppy / dog or when working on resolving behavioural issues, we believe that a holistic approach to the whole dog is of benefit on that basis the less environmental stressors the body is under the better. We are not veterinarians, but suggest that you do wider research into physical health. We know our clients love their dogs and want the very best for health, happiness and longevity. Below are some links for your information and onward research.

Naturally it starts with genes and so when looking to purchase a Rottweiler, a professional breeder who tests for all of the relevant health issues is vital although of course no guarantees can be made.

When looking for a puppy, research what health and temperament tests are required and ensure that the breeder does above and beyond.


Exercise is essential for physical and psychological health. Our adult dogs are exercised off lead for around two hours per day, thankfully even in to the ages of over eleven plus years. Of course the exercise has to be appropriate to the health, age and condition of your dog. Puppies need very little exercise, but excursions should be for the purpose of specific socialisation and training. There are many guides online in regard to suitable exercise times for developing puppies.


There is a trend that people believe that the heavier the Rottweiler, the better it is. Even in the show ring many dogs are overweight. The Rottweiler is no different to any other breed concerning weight in that you should be able to easily feel their ribs and see a definite waistline. Again, there are many guides online as to how to assess the condition of your dog. Your veterinarian, nutritionist or canine expert will be able to assist you.

Mental Stimulation

When suitably exercised in various locations, most dogs will rest through contentment (rather than boredom) until the next exercise session. However, mental stimulation is also of importance. Teaching obedience exercises, scent work, feeding raw meaty bones are all some of the things that you can do to enhance the dog’s quality of life, psychological activity and induce satisfied rest and calm behaviour.


We are passionate about species appropriate feeding for physical health, psychological clarity and freedom from irritation which can be caused by processed pet foods. Puppies when teething and going through the normal developmental phases need to chew and so directing them to natural chews saves them seeking out the corners of kitchen cupboards or skirting boards.

Dogs are carnivores; there is some discussion about whether they are omnivores – most often fuelled by processed pet food manufacturers citing that cereals and grains make for a ‘balanced’ diet.

We feed Benyfit Natural and should you wish, we can arrange a free starter kit for you to try the product.

In addition, we add Organic Bone Broth for health. We make our own and there are many online tutorials and it is simple to make. You can of course purchase premade broth of good quality.

Golden Paste is also given daily. This can be made by following online recipes; we make our own and sometimes purchase from The Golden Paste Company.

Kefir is also given on a daily basis to assist with health. Again, you can make your own or purchase from a supermarket.

There are many other products that we feed such as Slippery Elm and Manuka honey, Rabbit ears with fur et al, but you should do your own wider research or speak with a canine nutritionist or holistic veterinarian.

Rest, relaxation and stress

Dog do need periods of rest and relaxation. The more exercise the dog has, the more it will increase stamina and fitness and the more the dog will be able to do. They need plenty to have of down time to sleep, and restore.

Stress in dogs is caused by many factors as it is in people and the list is far too great to detail. However, in the main stress can be reduced by appropriate rules and boundaries, the ability to expend energy appropriately and a consistent, fair lifestyle and environment.

Flea, Tick and Worm Treatments

You should speak to a Holistic Veterinarian or conduct research on what is required. We have never used conventional worm treatments or ‘spot on’ flea treatments and our dogs have never had worms or fleas. Applying chemicals to your dogs, internally or externally when not required can never be helpful in over-all wellness (physiological and psychological). There are many natural alternatives such as Bug Off Dog Collars, Verm-X and many others, so do your research and not blindly do as you are told.

Annual Vaccinations

Rottweilers have high instances of bone cancer as well as many other types of cancer. The instances are far higher in neutered animals – the earlier they are neutered, the higher the risk. Canine Health Concern have information in regard to this as does the breed specific film Forever Faithful as does the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and Dogs Naturally Magazine. At Gainshaus, we do puppy vaccines starting at about 14 weeks of age and no others for the life of our dogs. You must do your own research and make up your own mind and do what is the best for your dogs.

We also keep our male dogs entire and females have a minimum of two seasons.


Regular grooming is essential for you to be able to check your dogs physical condition as well as to remove dead hair and to keep the dogs feeling well.

We bath our dogs with Aromesse Products

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