Gainshaus Rottweilers

Behaviour - Training - Wellness


There are a great many resources to help you online. If you have behaviour and / or training issues, you should see a Canine Behaviour Practitioner or Dog Trainer.

The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association has members throughout the UK that can be found via and the Guild of Dog Trainers also has a network of professionals

There are some breed specific films that may assist you:

This Video Download is about raising a Rottweiler puppy from 8 weeks all the way through until to six months of age and beyond. Covering all of the basics of obedience training, but also breed specific socialisation, nutrition and much more.

This full-length film download, featuring our own Rottweilers and top UK breeders, trainers and handlers who give an honest insight into the breed for people considering owning a Rottweiler – the essential health tests, temperament, what to expect from your dog and what they expect from you. Showing, working, training and living with this amazing, but specialist breed.

A film featuring many of our own Rottweilers amongst other breeds, to illustrate the best way to live with dogs in your home to get the very best relationship that you can regardless of what you would like to achieve…the main aim is to give the dogs the very best life possible.

An American film looking at the Rottweiler Breed from their deployment at 9/11, through to their use as search dogs, their use in cancer studies and as therapy dogs. A positive overview of the breed.

An American film looking at Osteosarcoma in Rottweilers as well as treatments, natural health, nutrition and much more.

A book written by Joan Blackmore many years ago, but still up-to-date in the no nonsense approach to owning and training a Rottweiler. Joan’s Gamegards Rottweilers are world famous not only in the breed ring, but in multiple movies, television and stage appearances including the Omen.